Member Profile – Ewog Renovations Inc,

  • March 3, 2016
  • Business

Paul&sign_Ridoutewog Renovations Inc.

  • Name of business

Ewog Renovations Inc


  • Owner/manager’s name

Paul Bremner, President and Louise Daw, Business Manager


  • How many staff/employees

2 plus our team of subtrades


  • What are you main business activities

General Contracting, renovations


  • Address

Old south


  • How long have you been located in Old South

Over 25 years


  • Why did you locate in Old South

We love the area and the different styles of homes and uniqueness of the area. Walkable to so many things, like shopping, coffee shops and trails for running


  • How else are you involved in the community (sponsorships, charities, etc.)

Louise is a member of the Executive of the Old South Business Association


  • What is the best thing about doing business in Old South

Our goal is to keep Old South beautiful by renovating and updating old homes in the neighbourhood!

Very informative blog.Much thanks again. Will read on