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  • November 18, 2016
  • Business

• Name of business

Lifemark (although many of you will remember us as Range of Motion Physiotherapy before we changed our name in 2010)

• Owner/manager’s name
o Laura Ritchie, Clinic Director and Physiotherapist

• How many staff/employees
o 12

• What are you main business activities
o Physiotherapy (including specialty programs Cancer Rehab, Pelvic Health, Concussion Care, Dizziness & Balance (Vestibular Rehab) and Running Gait Assessments )
o Massage Therapy including Manual Lymphatic Drainage
o Occupational Therapy

• Address
o 190 Wortley Road, Suite 207 (right above the Wortley Roadhouse)

• How long have you been located in Old South
o Over 15 years

• Why did you locate in Old South
o We’re here to help and the best way for us to help our patients is to be where they are so a convenient location within a close-knit community is a must. And if it just so happens that the location is also the Greatest Neighbourhood in Canada, all the better for us!

• How else are you involved in the community (sponsorships, charities, etc.)

o We have sponsored events such as Gathering on the Green and the Jazz and Blues Fest in the Village for many years. We are currently the main sponsor for London’s Marconi Crush soccer team and we also support our local Wellspring facility, particularly in their annual Light Up Wellspring campaign. We regularly donate prizes such as massage gift certificates to local organizations to help with their fundraising efforts.

• What is the best thing about doing business in Old South

o Wortley Village truly feels like a village. There is a real sense of community here plus it has a huge walkability factor (which is why we love running our Urban Poling class in the area around our clinic!). It’s also an excellent place for walking (and watching) dogs – we see so many dogs being walked from the windows of our clinic as well as runners, cyclists and walkers. As health care professionals, it’s so encouraging to be part of such an active community, especially when we can help people feel their best so they can keep doing what they love doing!